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Professional women: Do you feel like you’re in a “rat-race” and are seeking deeper meaning, purpose, fulfillment, balance and authenticity? Do you find yourself saying “Is this all there is? There must be something more!”

Are you a woman who, in the midst of her work and life, has been going through a spiritual opening, deepening, questioning or awakening?  In the very stressful and stress-filled lives we’re currently living, more and more women are finding themselves asking the deeper questions about life, meaning and purpose.  Many women are experiencing the feeling of being in a “rat-race” or a “gerbil on a wheel” (or like the movie Groundhog Day … the same thing everyday with no deeper meaning or purpose).

There’s a deeper spiritual awakening happening, especially with women in professional or executive positions, but because there is really nowhere in the business-world to address this phenomena these women feel alone, like something is wrong with them or that they are the only ones going through this.  This is a shame that women are struggling on their own with no support on this part of their journey as a human being and soul.  It doesn’t need to be this way.

If you find yourself saying “there must be something more” this gathering of like-minded women might be just the place where you’ll be able to explore these deeper questions and deeper part of yourself, and find new meaning, purpose, balance and fulfillment.

In a safe, nourishing and harmonious group and environment, through discussion, sharing, listening and supporting, we will enter onto a sacred journey of self-discovery, new perspectives and ways of seeing.  We will take a look at what our souls, spirits and bodies are craving, and longing for, and how to have more of that in our lives.

We will experience deeper aspects of ourselves and open to a happier, more harmonious, balanced and joy-filled life.

Past Event:

Returning to Center

Staying centered during challenging times

2 evenings for women

with Rena Majeed

How challenging has your life been in the past months?

Does it seem that life is more challenging now than ever?

Have you noticed that it’s the same for almost everyone?

Even though we can't stop most of the obstacles that come our way we can learn to:

* transform them from obstacles to opportunities by seeing from a different perspective

* perceive them in more powerful, self-empowering ways that serve us deeply in our growth and in becoming stronger, more self-actualized individuals.

This evening is about finding and maintaining your center during challenging times.

Join us as we explore this subject on deeper levels as it relates to:

o our personal and spiritual growth and development
o our life purpose and mission
o our evolution

We’re all talking about how much more difficult life has become, and seeing it all around us. We can either lose our center and be swept away by the intensity, or, like the eye of a tornado, remember that there is always a calm center in the middle of the chaos ... and keep returning to that place.

Or, like a tree in the middle of a powerful storm - its branches are roughly tossed back and forth but it can remain flexible ... moving with the wind without breaking ... because its deep roots keep it solidly and firmly planted and grounded in the earth.

Regardless of what’s going on around us and in our lives, we can learn to, more and more, stay aware and tuned in to that calm center that is always present within us, and to return to it faster and easier, and live our lives from that place.

The more we live from this center of calm and well-being, the happier and more serene we become, because we can relax and let go. We develop a deep sense of knowing that whatever comes our way we'll be okay.

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